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We carry out consultations on an appointment basis from Monday to Friday and also on Saturday morning.

24 Hour emergency service:
Outside of normal opening hours we are always available for emergencies. In this case you should telephone 025-33060 and your call will be diverted straight to the vet on duty for out of hours service.

We carry a full range of vaccines for all our patients. These are stored in our state of the art cooler until we need to use them. Please ask us for our advice on your pet’s requirements, whether staying at home or traveling abroad.

Having a microchip inserted in your pet ensures that it can be identified in cases of theft, straying or being injured away from the home. This speeds up the process of reuniting your pet with you.

Puppy and Kitten clinics:
Having checked that your pup or kitten is healthy and growing properly we advise you on vaccinations, worming regimes, flea and other parasitic controls and keep a regular check on your pet’s weight.

If you do not wish your pet to have baby pups or kittens we advise you to have your pet neutered. Spaying and castration also helps with the behaviour and training of your pet and can be of significant health benefit. We routinely carry out these operations during the week. They are generally done in the mornings so that your pet is ready to go home again in the afternoon.

Pharmacy and petcare products:
We keep a well stocked pharmacy and all the common medications that we use are always in stock. This means that you can get your medication here immediately following your consultation. We also have a large range of petcare products  and all the specialized diets from the Royal Canin range that your pet may require. These are available in the reception.

Pet Passports:
If you wish to bring your pet out of the country you will need a passport for him/her. This can take a relatively long time to arrange. Please ask us for advice on the vaccinations, blood tests and other requirements that will be needed for the destination to which you wish to bring your pet.

X-ray and Ultrasound facilities:
We have x-ray and ultrasound facilities at Duntahane Veterinary Clinic for use on your pet should they be needed. We are delighted to be able to use our state of the art digital x- ray system. This makes it much easier for us to refer on x-rays to anywhere in the world for a second opinion if one is required and also to make a copy on CD for you. Our companion animal ultrasound machine enables us to look at your companion’s abdomen or thorax helping us to see what is going on inside there and can reinforce our diagnosis or help us to come to one. We have the expertise in performing and reading these and regularly carry out these procedures for neighboring practices.

On-site Laboratory;
In our in-house laboratory we can carry out biochemical and hematological analysis on your pet’s blood to give us a greater insight into what is ailing your pet. This is very useful in the case of kidney and liver complaints and also used before surgery if we think your pet might not be a suitable candidate. We also have powerful microscopes, refractometers, and many other laboratory aids to help us provide the best possible service to our patients.

Surgical theatre:
At our state of the art surgery we routinely carry out operations like castrations, spaying, removal of lumps and tumours, abdominal surgery, thoracic surgery and emergency laceration repair. We also perform certain orthopedic procedures. These are carried out using modern gas anaesthesia with sterile drapes and equipment. All patients are fully monitored during surgery by our veterinary nurses.

Dental Care and Surgery:
We routinely carry out dental surgery and care in our surgical theatre. All our patients are anaesthetized during these procedures. Patients may need their teeth cleaned or have dental plaque scaled from their teeth. Others may require extraction of a tooth. Following these procedures we follow up with advice and also treatments to keep your pet’s new smile lasting longer.

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